This is how I make your icon system simple, clear, and useful.

1. Discover

To know what to ideate on and explore, I work with you to clearly define business goals, potential visual style needs, technical requirements, reveal user needs,  deadlines and budget. The methods I employ include stakeholder interviews, user interviews (as needed); competitive and comparative analysis; and persona development.

2. Ideate & Sketch

In this phase, I explore insights to form a strategic and actionable Icon Design Plan to impact objectives as well as generate and share a broad range of visual ideas. I start by looking for inspiration, such as visual solutions in comparable spaces. Then, I generate ideas–delivered as sketches on paper–to narrow them down and reach a single well-articulated solution for consideration. Before moving forward, the solution sketches are then reviewed with the client to iterate as needed. The methods employed here include sketch on paper, digital sketches (as needed), and icon design system development ideation to define design principles, grid and key line shapes, metrics, colour palette, and conduct an overall style/theme exploration.

3. Create & Iterate

I materialize and craft icon design solutions that aim to combine user needs with business goals. You can count on me to find the perfect look for your icons. After deciding on the visual details, I create the final, pixel-perfect symbols. This highly iterative phase includes a stakeholder, visual, and technical review to make the necessary adjustments.

4. Validate (Optional)

I help you gather real user feedback to test the effectiveness of the symbols designed and iterate (as needed).

5. QA and Delivery

Before delivery, the final design is thoroughly reviewed with you. The approved vector files and any related exports are prepared for delivery. Deliverables, as needed, will be emailed to you or uploaded over Dropbox.

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